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Welcome to the Green Practice

Welcome to Stockbridge!

We are one of two GP surgeries based within Stockbridge Health Centre and offer comprehensive care at the heart of our community. We are proud to be part of the Stockbridge area. We have six GP partners and one full-time salaried GP as well as hosting junior doctors and medical students as part of their training.

The Health Centre accommodates a District Nursing team, Midwives, Health Visitors and a CTAC (Community Treatment And Care) team. You can call them directly on the numbers listed below:

District Nurses - 0131 260 9202
Midwives - 0131 286 5030
Health Visitors - 0131 260 9204
CTAC - 0131 537 7205

We welcomed our own in-house pharmacists and a physiotherapist in 2019 as well as a community link worker in 2023. This has improved how we direct our patients and has greatly enhanced the care we provide.

We are committed to delivering a high standard of care to our patients and both our clinicians and admin team are well-versed in the protocols and policies that govern the running of the practice.


Please click here to visit the NHS website for the most up-to-date guidance regarding the vaccination programme or call the national helpline on 0800 030 8030 for advice or to book a vaccine appointment at one of the available clinics. There are also walk-in clinics available across Edinburgh and you can view this using the "Vaccine Hub" link below.

You can also visit the Lothian Vaccine Hub for more information on the vaccine roll-out, appointments and venues.


GP practices will no longer be administering any vaccines and instead you will be directed to contact NHS Lothian's Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) who will help you arrange any appointments.

When you become eligible for a vaccination, a letter will most likely be sent directly to you (or to parents or carers). The most common vaccines are as follows:

  • People aged 70-79 are eligible for the Shingles vaccine and should contact the team if a letter has not arrived.
  • People aged 65 and over and those under 65 who fall into a risk group or have a serious medical condition are eligible for the Pneumococcal vaccine. Again, contact the team if you have not been invited by letter.
  • The HPV vaccine is given in schools to all S1 children are eligible men (up to the age of 45) who engage in sexual activity with other men. If you have missed a dose, make an appointment with the team.
If you are travelling abroad, you can check the Fit to Travel website to see what vaccines are advisable, check if you need anti-malarials and get advice on how to keep yourself well. If you need a consultation, you can book this at NHS Lothian's Travel Clinic.

If you or a family member has missed a vaccination, or all of the necessary doses, you should try to arrange this as soon as possible!

Contact the team on 0300 790 6296



The practice will be closed on the following dates:

  • Monday 2nd January 2024
  • Tuesday 3rd January 2024
  • Friday 29th March 2024
  • Monday 1st April 2024
  • Monday 6th May 2024
  • Monday 16th September 2024
  • Wednesday 25th December 2024
  • Thursday 26th December 2024
  • Wednesday 1st January 2025
  • Thursday 2nd January 2025

Should you require any urgent medical advice, please call NHS24 on 111. In an emergency, always call 999.

Please be aware some pharmacies may also be closed on these days so do ensure you order any medication in plenty of time. We advise a 72hr turnaround for prescriptions to make it to your preferred pharmacy. 


Under the latest GP contract, practices are entitled to training afternoons once a month to focus on learning new skills, team discussion or teambuilding tasks. 

The practice will be closed from 1PM on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 17th January 2024
  • Wednesday 21st February 2024
  • Wednesday 24th April 2024
  • Wednesday 22nd May 2024
  • Wednesday 28th August 2024
  • Wednesday 25th September 2024
  • Wednesday 23rd October 2024
  • Wednesday 20th November 2024
  • Wednesday 4th December 2024
If you require urgent medical advice on these dates, please call our dedicated line on 0131 260 9295.
In an emergency always dial 999.

Our normal service resumes the following day at 8:30am.

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We are one of two GP surgeries based at the Stockbridge Health Centre, offering comprehensive primary care services.

We are committed to providing medical care of the highest quality, delivered by our team of GPs, Practice Nurses; supported by our Admin Team and affiliated District Nurses and Health Visitors.

We value continuity and personal care, and being part of the community.

We are a teaching and training practice with a longstanding interest in helping to train medical students and postgraduate doctors.

We do not discriminate on the grounds of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, social class, religion, disability or medical condition.

We hope the website gives you an informative look at the practice and its services.

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