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Traveling abroad?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have amended how we operate as a practice. As there are now global travel restrictions in place, we are no longer accepting patient pre-travel questionnaires for the time being. Should you be travelling imminently for urgent reasons, we would ask that you seek travel advice from one of the various travel clinics available in Edinburgh.

At the moment, we cannot say when our normal services will resume. We can only adhere to the government guidance which is being updated constantly. Please bear with us during this difficult time.

It is important when you are travelling abroad to ensure that you are immunised appropriately, including anti-malarial treatment if necessary. In order to ensure that you are given the best possible advice and the correct vaccinations for your destination, we ask that you complete a 'pre-travel questionnaire'. You can do this online by clicking here and following the instructions (or telephone 0131 260 9227 where the receptionist will be happy to take your details and complete the form on your behalf). Once you have completed the form online, please email to Travel Email with the subject "Travel".
Travel Picture

Only travel requests can be accepted on this email address. All other requests will NOT be actioned.

On receipt of the form, the Practice Nurse will review your medical records for previous immunisation history. She will then check on the specialised site for up-to-date recommendations for your destination(s). She will call you within a week of submission of form on number provided - please note the nurse will only try twice to contact you! The nurse can discuss vaccines then arrange a suitable appointment time.

Please be aware that the whilst the practice holds some vaccines on the premises and are administered free of charge, other recommendations may be out-with the NHS structure. These would attract a fee payable to the practice for administration plus a private prescription fee. The pharmacy would also charge a fee for the actual vaccine(s) on the private prescription.

Click here for the Green Practice travel advice.
Click here for Government travel advice and warnings.
Click here for world travel immunisation advice.

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