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Practice Closed 25th - 26th December 2017 & 1st - 2nd January. Please contact NHS24 on 111 if Urgent.

Test Results

This line 260 9227 is open from 9:30am to 1pm and then 2pm to 5:50pm for test results. There are a large number of various test each requiring different time scales to produce results, but normally requests should be made 5 days after the test was taken (10 days for x-rays). This allows time for:

  1. the laboratory to return the result to the practice:
  2. your doctor to interpret it;
  3. receptionist to file in patient record, ready to give result noted by doctor when patient calls.

Some tests can take 14 days to produce a result, normally your doctor will inform you of this fact whilst taking the test.

Cervical smear results are currently taking 6-8 weeks and are posted out to the patient by the laboratory.

If the expected time period has passed and your test result is not with the practice, the receptionist will normally offer to telephone the appropriate laboratory to trace it, and ask you to call back either later that day or the next day.

Very occasionally test samples do not reach the intended laboratory and you may be asked to repeat the test.


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