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Practice Closed 25th - 26th December 2017 & 1st - 2nd January. Please contact NHS24 on 111 if Urgent.

Private Medicals & Reports

The practice offers appointments for private medicals (eg employment, HGV Licence) – please tell the receptionist when you telephone for an appointment as this usually requires a 30min appointment. Please confirm current private fees in advance when telephoning.

GP’s complete many insurance forms including critical illness insurance, life insurance, cancellation of holidays etc, and miscellaneous requests including fitness for military training and DVLA reports. We need your signed consent before we can complete these requests. These can take a long time to do, depending on the complexity of the medical history of the applicant and the size of the medical case notes we need to review – we aim to do these as quickly as possible but our clinical and NHS responsibilities will take priority. We will usually complete these sorts of reports within 2 weeks.

For access to medical notes please fill in the form and drop in at the front desk.

We are increasingly asked for doctors letters or notes for students or schoolchildren absent from college/school, or to support patients in various requests including extension of deadlines etc – please bear in mind that this uses GP clinical and secretarial time which is non-NHS and you may therefore be charged a small fee.


FOR NON-NHS WORK - April 2017

Your GP is entitled to charge a fee for anything deemed to be non-NHS work. Pleases ask at reception if you are unsure whether you will have to pay for a particular service by your GP.

Access to Medical Records £10
Copy of Medical Records £50
Driving License £40
Fit to travel/participate £45
Freedom from Infection letter £40
HGV/LGV/PCV medical £180
Holiday cancellation form/letter £40
Insurance Reports £155
Letter for carrying Medicines £15
Passport Form £42
Photocopies - per item £1*
Power of Attorney £155
Pre-employment Medical £205
Private Bloods Varies
Private Patient £105 - £115 if consult report requested
Private Prescription £35
Private Patient Home Visit £205
Private Sick Note £26
School Medical £70
Vaccinations (non NHS) £75**
Vaccination History £20

* - plus 10 access to medical record fee.
** - for one course of injections: includes private script fee: multiple courses of injections - variable

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