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Visitor to the Practice

UK Residents

If you are staying within our practice area for a period of less than 3 months and you require medical attention we are happy to treat you as a 'temporary resident'. This is usually treatment for which cannot wait until you return home.

If you have moved into the practice area for a period in excess of three months you will be advised to register fully with the practice, For further information click on Registration link.

On arrival in our practice area you discover you have left your regular medication behind or have ran out of some medication: in the first instance we would recommend you contact your own practice and ask if they will liaise with a local pharmacy to provide your medication on receipt of a faxed prescription from the practice (NOT controlled drugs).

This will keep an accurate compliance record of your medication use and negate the need to see another GP.

If however your own practice are not happy to do this, please ask for an appointment with the GP, ideally bringing a note of what medication you take.

For further information, or to make an appointment please contact the practice on:

0131 260 9226

Advise reception of your temporary status and home address (you will be asked to bring along your medical card or, if not available, some confirmation of your home address i.e. driving license).

Overseas Visitors

Visitors from out with the UK, and staying within the practice area, can be eligible for free NHS treatment subject to meeting set criteria.

Visitors (ie people intending to stay for less than 90 days) from another EEA country are eligible for emergency treatment on production of a valid EHIC card. If EHIC card not available a fee will be charged.

Visitors from countries out with the EEA can be treated as 'private patients' and will be advised of a fee per consultation. The fee is payable in Cash (Sterling) which may be claimed back via your travel insurance.

For further information, or to make an appointment please contact the practice on:

0131 260 9226

Advise the receptionist of your status, if you are happy to be treated as a private patient or have a valid EH1C card.

Alternative to seeing a GP

The local pharmacies offer a Minor Ailments Scheme, this entails a consultation with a Pharmacist who can prescribe within his remit, ultimately he may advise seeing a GP is the better option. For further information click on link.

If you have had an accident or a minor injury,(link) This clinic is located with the boundary of the Western General Hospital. It is an open access clinic and you can attend between the hours of 9am to 9pm. For further information click on link.

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