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Practice Closed:- 25th - 26th December 2018 & 1st - 2nd January 2019. Please contact 111 for Urgent attention. In an event of an emergancy dial 999.

Direct Access NHS Services:

Minor Injuries A&E Dental Services Pharmacy Minor Ailments Physiotherapy Optometry Pharmore
Podiatry Breast Screening Sexual Health Clinic Smoking Cessation Childhood Immunisations Antenatal Care

Minor Injuries Unit: a local alternative to A&E for minor injuries

The Minor Injuries Unit at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh is open seven days a week from 9.00am to 9.00pm. No appointment is necessary. It is staffed by specialist nurses and offers the following services:

  • Treatment for a wide range of injuries, such as cuts, burns, sprains, and simple fractures for patients aged over one year
  • X-rays for patients aged 12 years and over
  • Simple painkillers, tetanus vaccination and certain antibiotics for patients aged 12 years and over
  • Physiotherapy referral
  • Advice and health promotion is offered to all patients who attend

Call the Minor Injuries Unit on 0131 537 1330.
Click to view map and instructions on how to get to the WGH

Emergency Department / Accident & Emergency (A&E):

The Emergency Department at the Royal Infirmary deals primarily with the needs of adults (aged 13 and over) who require emergency treatment. The department sees and treats over 1500 people each week.

Please think carefully before using emergency services. People who use emergency services for minor problems may prevent others with emergencies from getting immediate care.

Emergency conditions include trauma, head injuries, suspected fractures, drug overdose, suspected heart attack and breathing difficulties.

Emergency Department, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (age 13 and over)
51 Little France Crescent
Old Dalkeith Road
EH16 4SA
0131 536 1000

Click to view map and instructions on how to get to the RIE

For children under the age of 13 years there is a separate emergency department:

Accident and Emergency Department, Royal Hospital for Sick Children (under age 13)
9 Sciennes Road
0131 536 0000

Click to view map and instructions on how to get to the RHSC.

Further information on emergency services at:

Dental Services:

You can obtain details of NHS dentists currently registering patients by telephoning 0131 537 8444 .

You can consult our Dentist Finder to find a list of Dental Practices nearest to your home (Please note that this is simply a list of dentists and they may not be registering new NHS patients).

Emergency dental care – Daytime Hours:

If you are registered with a dentist, contact your dental practice. If you are not sure about the emergency arrangements at your dental practice, ask about these the next time you visit.

Unregistered patients : If you are not registered with a dentist, or are unable to contact your dentist, an emergency service for the relief of pain only is available:

Chalmers Dental Centre (Adults 16years and over)
3 Chalmers Street
Edinburgh 0131 536 4800

Mon - Thurs, 9am - 4.45pm and Fri, 9am to 4.15pm


Children's Department (Children under age 16)
Edinburgh Dental Institute
Level 3, Lauriston Building
Lauriston Place

Mon to Fri 9.00-11am and 2-3.00pm

Directions and contact details:

Emergency Dental Care – Out Of Hours:

If you are registered with a dentist, phone your dental practice. All NHS dentists have arrangements in place to provide cover for their registered patients.

Unregistered patients

If you are unregistered please telephone the Lothian Dental Advice Line: Tel 0131 536 4800. Lothian Dental Advice line is operational in the evenings and at weekends to offer advice or to arrange for you to receive urgent dental care. A dental nurse adviser will take your call and assess the urgency of your symptoms in a similar way to the triage nursing system at Chalmers Dental Centre (above). The emergency service is only available for the relief of pain.

Please note usual NHS charges for dental care may apply, unless you have current exemption. Emergency treatment for the relief of pain is unlikely to exceed £30.

Pharmacy Minor Ailments Scheme

Are you exempt from prescription charges? For example, if you have current maternity or medical exemption certificate, or if you are under age 18 and in full time education. If so you are eligible for the Pharmacy Minor Ailments Scheme.

This is a new NHS scheme for people who don’t pay prescription charges. It means that if your pharmacist thinks you need it, they can give you a medicine for a minor illness without you having to pay for it. This potentially saves you having to make an appointment with your GP to get a prescription for a minor complaint, which can include:

Acne, Athletes Foot, Backache, Cold Sores, Constipation, Cough, Diarrhoea, Earache, Eczema, Eye infections, Hemorrhoids, Hayfever, Headache, Head Lice, Indigestion, Mouth Ulcers, Nasal Congestion Pain, Period pain, Thrush, Sore Throat, Warts, Worms or Verrucae.

You have to register with the pharmacy of your choice to participate in this scheme, by giving your details and signing a form. The pharmacist will check electronically that you are exempt from paying for prescriptions. You can only be registered at one pharmacy at a time for this scheme, although you can still use other pharmacies to purchase medication or collect prescriptions. Remember you can still see your GP if you prefer, and that your pharmacist may advise you to seek medical advice when they feel that would be more appropriate.

This information has been taken from the NHS leaflet “The NHS Minor Ailments Service at your community pharmacy” – please collect or ask for further information at your local pharmacy, or look online at

Physiotherapy - Self Referral

For advice, information and assessment of muscle and joint problems call on:

0800 917 9390
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm


There have been significant changes to primary eye care since the 2006 General Ophthalmic Services Act Scotland. All people in Scotland are now entitled to a free eye check every 2 years.

In addition, optometrists are now offering a free NHS service to see patients with acute/new eye problems for assessment and further management as appropriate. This means that you can refer yourself, or your GP can refer you if appropriate, for various eye problems. This is a new and developing scheme which was introduced to make better use of community optometrists, who have significant expertise and sophisticated equipment, to deal with more eye problems in the community. Phone your local optometrist or check with the practice if you have an eye problem which you think may be dealt with by your optometrist.


New Walk-In Community Pharmacy based service.

As well as offering a minor ailment , emergency contraception and smoking cessation service the pharmacy is currently providing a pharmacist lead, walk-in service where members of the public(at any age) can be seen with symptoms of acute minor illness such as sore throat, sore ears, skin infections, chest complaints and cystitis.

The clinic opening hours are Monday-Friday 4pm-7pm

And Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm

You must be eligible for NHS services.

48 Shandwick Place
EH12 4SA
0131 225 6757

Please see for more information.


Pennywell All Care Centre is the base for your local podiatry clinic. You can refer yourself by printing out and filling in the form then returning it to podiatry.

Podiatrists offer a range of services dedicated to foot care, including:

  • Surgery for ingrowing toenails
  • Biomechanics
  • Insoles and specialised shoe wear
  • Removing corns and dead skin
  • Specialised diabetic foot care– neuropathic ulcers etc

Please note NHS podiatry does not cater for routine nail care and cutting unless there are relevant medical circumstances.

Breast Screening Service:

All women aged between 50-70 are currently offered breast screening by mammography (X-ray examination) every 3 years. After 70 you are still entitled to a mammogram, but you will not be automatically invited – phone the number below to ask for an appointment.

Women under the age of 50 are not offered screening unless they have previously had breast cancer, have a first degree relative who developed breast cancer early (usually taken to mean <45yrs of age), or are known to carry certain genes which predispose to early-onset breast cancer.

The programme is centrally coordinated with invitations being done on a 3 yearly basis, by GP practice – this means that you may not be invited immediately on turning 50 (if your practice has just been screened) , but you should have received your first appointment before turning 53. Green practice patients were invited in 2008 and will next be called in 2011.

Breast Screening Programme
Ardmillan House
42 Ardmillan Terrace
EH11 2JL
0131 537 7400

Sexual Health Clinic:

The Sexual Health Clinic is an NHS clinic offering a wide range of services which include:

  • Contraception (the pill, mini-pill, the coil, diaphragm, cap, condoms, sterilisation/vasectomy)
  • Advice and management of - pre-menstrual symptoms and menopause
  • Cervical smears and colposcopy
  • Sexual health testing and advice
  • Period problems
  • Well woman advice and breast checks
  • Young persons clinic
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment
  • Counseling and testing for HIV
  • Treatment and ongoing care for people with HIV
  • Sexual health advice and promotion, including free condom supplies
  • Emergency contraception and pregnancy testing

Please see their web site links for information and advice, or telephone to make an appointment:

Chalmers Sexual Health Centre
2A Chalmers Street
0131 536 1070

You do not require a GP referral to attend the Sexual Health Centre, although your GP may suggest referral if you have initially consulted them. Some clinics operate on a drop-in basis.

Smoking Cessation

What are your reasons for stopping?

You may find it helps to focus on what's really important to YOU. It may be

  • better short-term health. Blood pressure and heart rate drop immediately, and circulation improves. Usually the lung cleansing mechanism also starts to recover, and breathing improves.
  • a feeling of energy or well-being.
  • less worry about long-term health risks. In general, risk of heart attack halves in about a year, and risk of cancer is greatly reduced within a few years of stopping smoking. Ask your doctor about the effects of smoking on your own health.
  • feeling less stressed, and more in control, after the initial effort of stopping.
  • social benefits. Less worry about whether you can smoke with friends or in public, and about the health risks for others.
  • more money.
  • pregnancy. You'll give your baby the best chance of a healthy start.

Do you want to stop smoking?

You CAN succeed
with YOUR determination and our HELP

Stop Smoking Service
TEL: 336 0976 or 551 1671




NHS QUITLINE NUMBER: 0800 00 22 00


Childhood Immunisations:

Babies generally have their first vaccines at their 6-8 wk baby check appointment, with Dr Reid, Sayers or Watson. Subsequent appointments are with members of the Nurse Team and you need to book appointments for these. If you have questions about any aspect of the immunisation programme please speak to your GP, Health Visitor or Practice Nurse.

The UK Immunisation schedule and web site is given below:

Antenatal Care

I am pregnant - what next

If you have a positive home pregnancy test the first step is to make an appointment to see your midwife, call 0131 536 2009 for an appointment.
You should be taking a supplement of Folic Acid (400micrograms for most women) for the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, as this has been shown to reduce the risk of Spina Bifida (malformation in the baby's spinal cord). You may need a higher dose if you are diabetic, on medication for epilepsy, or have a previous or family history of problems related to Spina Bifida - please ask your midwife/GP if unsure.
At your first midwife appointment you will be asked questions about your past medical history, family history, medications and so on. You will be able to discuss your pregnancy in general and to ask any questions. You will also receive an appointment for your first scan - this is usually done when you are around 10-12 weeks into the pregnancy, and is done primarily to confirm the "due date" for the pregnancy.

Who do I see in my pregnancy?

The majority of antenatal care is delivered by our midwifery colleagues who work in teams in the community. Our local midwife team is based in offices at Corstorphine Hospital, but see our patients at the Health Centre for pre-booked appointments.
Most women have healthy uncomplicated pregnancies and will not routinely see an obstetric doctor. However your midwife will liaise with our local consultant obstetrician routinely, and arrange appointments with her if necessary.

Do I need to see my GP?

No - your antenatal care may be entirely "midwife-led" if you choose. However in our practice we feel it is important that your GP is still involved in your pregnancy.
For some women this may be the first time they have had regular contact with their practice, and the start of building up a relationship with your "family doctor".
For some women with health issues prior to or during the pregnancy (for example depression, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome) your GP will retain a major role in overseeing medical care and follow-up in these cases. Generally your midwife will discharge you once you are around 10days after the birth itself, at which point your care and your baby's care will be from your Health Visitor and GP - and sometimes a practice may have generations of the same family as registered patients!

Where can I give birth?

There are 3 choices: the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, St John's Hospital in Livingston, or home birth. The vast majority of babies are born in hospital. Home birth may be suitable for some women but discuss this with your midwife.

What tests will I get?

All women are offered routine blood tests at 16weeks into the pregnancy for blood group and screening tests for diabetes, anaemia, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis. Additional tests may be relevant in some women and will be discussed with you. Some of the blood tests are repeated at 28 and 36 weeks. In terms of screening for genetic problems such as Down's Sydrome, women are currently offered a blood test at the 16 week appointment - you will receive separate written information on this test. NHS Lothian plans to introduce a new test called nuchal scanning from March 2011 at the time of writing - please discuss with your midwife or doctor if you wish.
Scans - standard practice is to have 2 scans; the "booking scan" as mentioned above at around 10-12 weeks (confirms dates of pregnancy) and a later "detailed scan" at 20 weeks. This scan looks at your baby's heart, kidneys, spine and anatomy.

What happens at a routine antenatal appointment?

Once you are through the first 4-5 months of pregnancy your antenatal appointments will be more frequent and follow a pattern. Blood pressure is always checked as this can go up in pregnancy and in some women lead to a condition called Pre-eclampsia. We dip check a urine sample looking for signs of infection, diabetes, or associated blood pressure problems. We feel your tummy to check how the baby is growing (and later in pregnancy, the position of the baby) and listen in to the baby's heartbeat using a little machine called a Doppler. We discuss your general well-being and ask about any specific questions or concerns you may have. You are very welcome to bring partner, relative or friend to these appointments if you wish. NB please note if you wish to see your GP you will need to book these appointments yourself with reception. If you wish to have purely midwife-led care your midwife will make appointments for you.

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