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Travel Advice abd Vaccination Service

We are happy to provide free advice on all aspects of travel health at a practice nurse consultation, but the provision and administration of some vaccinations for travel are not covered by NHS care, and attract a fee. Depending on the vaccine required a fee is paid to the practice for administering the vaccine, a fee for private prescription issue will be waived by the practice but a separate fee is payable to the chemist for the vaccine itself.

We aim to keep our practice fees competitive compared to the commercial travel vaccine clinics available locally, but you are welcome to approach them if you prefer to use their service.

The following is a list of fees for each separate vaccine, detailing the different components of each charge.

Vaccine Script/Injection Fee to Practice Pay at Chemist
Hepatitis A (1st dose) NHS + Free Nil From stock
Typhoid NHS + Free Nil From stock
Polio (for certain areas) NHS + Free Nil From stock
Hepatitis A 2nd dose £25 Varies*
Dip/Tetanus/Polio Private £25 Varies*
Rabies x 3 vaccines Private £75 Varies*
Japanese B x 2 vaccines Private £50 Varies*
Meningitis A&C Private £25 Varies*
Hepatitis B x 3 vaccines Private £75 Varies*
Tick-borne Encephalitis Private £75 Varies*
*Fees for individual vaccines will vary between chemists and vaccine suppliers

A 25 private prescription
will be issued for malaria tablets where necessary, but the subsequent cost at the chemist will depend on the actual cost of the tablet recommended and the number of tablets required i.e. the length of the time spent in a malaria risk region.

The other travel clinics available in Edinburgh can be contacted at the numbers below:

Western General Hospital 0906 589 0380 (60p per minute)
MASTA: 0131 336 3038
Edinburgh Travel Clinic, Newington: 0131 667 1030

Yellow fever can only be given at recognised clinics and attracts a separate fee.

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